About Us

Not too much to say (at least not yet)... no long list of credentials... just a story that's worth sharing. I'm Adam Vaughan. My wife, Kelly, will also be sharing. We have 6 children. Our two sons, Lincoln and Tucker, have gone to be with the Lord. The remaining four with us are Emmiline, Eloise, Elliott and Charli. Charli is a triplet. Her brothers Lincoln and Tucker are identical twins. They're dancing with Jesus right now, and they're not sad about it at all!

Friday, September 30, 2011

Faith, Hope and Love

Sitting back for a moment today... realizing how drastically different everything is from a few months ago. Truly, everything. (more than just employment / income) From how much I sleep to what I eat to how I think to how I pray to how I see my role in this family... I'm not the same. You'd think that I'd have more stuff figured out with the drastic changes I've experienced. Maybe I'm just more aware of how much I still have to learn. Maybe I'm more okay with not having everything figured out.

Kelly asked me an interesting question this morning. “How might we see God work supernaturally today?” It really made me think. I loved how it made my mind wander to the possibilities. I love what it stirred in me. I'm hopeful for the things I listed when I answered her question. Why don't I think like this more often?

The word, “hope,” has been a word that has marked my family. God planted seeds of hope in our hearts last fall that I believe are to be shared. Hope is to be shared with those afraid to hope and with those who don't think they need hope (they think things are good enough already). He's bigger and better. There's always room for more hope for more of Him.

Still hoping these days, but would like to add a new word to my family's branding... “faith.” Not saying my family has amazing faith. Just saying that God's working on it in us. Faith communicates a confidence and certainty of who God is and what He's up to. Faith is growing. It's different than before. My usual cop-out of, “If it's God's will, then...” well, I think it was often my way of lacking of faith (not projecting this onto everyone, but it's true of me).

Another question Kel asked me today was, “What would most honor God in a particular relationship?” I was not sure of the specifics that would best honor God. I know that love would best honor God, but not sure what that should look like in that situation. Seems trickier than I used to think. Think I need to be extra intentional about how I love... how I seek to bring God glory. It's not my natural instinct.

Reminded of something I read not too long ago. If I don't choose to glorify God in what I eat, in what I teach, in how I interact with people, in conflict, in how I spend my time, etc.... well, if I'm not glorifying God in it, I'm obviously glorifying someone or something else. Scary thought.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

let the winds of change blow

A few weeks ago a precious friend blessed me with a surprise visit and these beautiful flowers.  She included a card that brought joy beyond measure.  One of the things that struck my heart the most was her take on these royal mums.  She said they represent seasons.  Seasons as we know are temporary...meant to be enjoyed and yet always working to make a way for what is coming.  The Vaughan's are entering a new season.  The winds are blowing....we smell change in the air...we see the budding....we are ALWAYS looking...ALWAYS expectant....
The SEASON CHANGER is EVERYWHERE...and when we choose a yielded spirit we see HIM.....oh, how we see HIM!
And, when we take the time to notice we are filled to the brim with DELIGHT...because what is better than seeing your creator...DELIGHTING in you?
We are faithful to document.  We want God's faithfulness to be recorded for ALL generations.  His faithfulness is being noted....and we are blessed...so blessed.
Our family is talking to our Good Daddy...A LOT...so much to say...so much crying out...and so much adoration.  He speaks too...and we listen.  How great is his love for us!  How great is our love for Him! 
God is up to many things in our House of Hope.  Truth is, He is always up to stuff, we just have eyes and hearts that are more willing to ask and see.  I want eyes that see HIM all the time and everywhere.  We serve an OMNIPRESENT GOD, and I want my heart and head to be shaped by that truth.

Right now, I am enjoying the new fall and the remnant of summer weather.  The warmth from the sun is a reminder of what I have been feeling in my heart.  My time in California is continuing to yield much fruit...
My days in Happy Valley sleeping on Fuzzy Lane remind me that God wants my emotion too.  He is a Spirit and Truth God and is to be worshipped as such.  He rejoices when I bring ALL of me to ALL of Him.
The Vaughan clan is full of joy and affection as we enter into this season of change.  May we be like  tumbleweeds spreading our seeds of HOPE wherever the SPIRIT winds blow...laughing, yielding, hoping, praying, seeking, ANTICIPATING....new life, miracles, more supernatural, more intimacy, greater truth, clearer vision, anointing, new callings...new seasons for new things to grow....all gifts that we ask for and receive with humble joy!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Ever had one of those days? I don't actually mean that kind of day. I'm referring to a day where things consistently surprise you for the good. Man, that would sum up my day.

The day started a little strange.
No plaque in this hair.
Eloise took a shower after breakfast. That's not strange. She does have good hygiene. The strange part is that she washed her hair with toothpaste. Not sure why toothpaste was in the shower. To her credit the toothpaste did not look like toothpaste. Looked more like sun tan lotion than anything, but I could see how it could be confused for shampoo. She didn't realize it until after she got out of the shower and dressed.

I checked my email some time in the morning. Received a very pleasant surprise (not related to employment). Long story short. We had ordered something. Much frustration with the product. Postal service botched the return. We failed to package the product correctly when we returned it. Because of this, the product was damaged beyond repair. The company explained it was not in acceptable condition to be returned, and they couldn't accept it because it wasn't in the proper packaging. Then this morning they said they'd give us a gift certificate for the entire amount of the purchase. Wow. Random, sweet surprise.

Won't go through the list of the day, but we'll just say God manifest many sweet gifts and blessings all throughout the day... through light fixtures to the kindness of people we barely know to prayer time for a precious, loved one to an email from a friend (that revealed God had been orchestrating my journey in a way that only He can)... etc.

Anyways, such a strange and wonderful day. Somewhat frantically getting the house in ship shape for potential buyers. Feeling quite tired. At the same time... really enjoying favor bestowed on me today. Very grateful.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Moving On

This is in my front yard. Feels really strange. I do feel a good bit of relief too though. We're definitely moving forward. Get it? “Moving” forward. Anyways, it was funny to me. Sad at the same time.

No idea where we'll go. Maybe out of state. Maybe another location in Knoxville. Still so much unknown. Feel like I'm moving into something though. Don't want to passive and static. Stepping into the fog. Maybe that means I'll be out of it sooner... at least temporarily.

Sweet conversations with my bride lately... discussing thoughts shared by an author we're immediately fond of... conversations about the power offered to us through Christ. About... how hunger humbles. We are very hungry. About how some things are only offered to the desperate. About determination... like that of the two blind men who called out to Jesus. About the unfortunate reality that our picture of God often looks so much like us... because we're missing so much of who He is. Neglecting the Spirit. About how most of the goals of the modern church can be accomplished without God. All we need is people, money, and a common objective. Determination can achieve great things. Wow. How have I done that? How do I dream so big that doomed to failure unless God's in it? Hoping for more change in me.

Much like Knoxville weather... just when I think the season's about to change... well, it simply teases me. The season continues a little longer. Longing for a change in the seasons. Deeply longing.

This is our front door. Obviously, there's something different about it. The door sounds different when it closes now. There's a banging and rattling from this little contraption on the doorknob. If you're a little slow, that's okay. That's a lockbox for the realtor to get into our house. Yes, it is weird that strangers can come into my home, peek in my closets, sniff around in the refrigerator, inspect the cleanliness of the toilets... It's weird that I won't be staying here. Longing for keys to new things... I'm not speaking about cars or homes or any buildings. Longing for keys that open doors to new freedoms (for myself and others), new powers, more of Him, more accurate picture of Him, more Spirit-alive living...

In the meantime I'll keep proactively waiting... I know "proactively waiting" might not make sense, but I'm not totally sure what I'm doing or should be doing. That language makes what I'm doing sound deep and intentional... even if it's not.

Monday, September 26, 2011

little Noah's

This afternoon I spent some time with Emmiline and Eloise reviewing their church lesson.  It was a lesson on Noah's risky and odd faith.  It was the perfect lesson for me, because I need constant reminders of the faith-builders that have gone before me.....bold faith when things don't make sense....
A couple of weeks ago we took our kids to the park.  One of Emmiline's long-term goals has been to complete the monkey bars.  She was full of heart and lacking some strength.  It has been a process.  I was committed to help her achieve this goal...and it was going to take some heart, practice and a lot of faith that she could actually do it.  While we were at the park she was ready to test it out...she swung to one bar and then the next and dropped.  I could see her discouragement.  It made my heart sink right along with hers.  Eloise came after her and completed the task with little effort.
She did it.  It took strength and determination.  It took practice for her too.  She wanted it, and she went after it believing what I have told her and what she knew to be true....she could do it....and she did.

Watching her sister complete the task was all Emmiline needed to see to know it could be done...and realizing it could be done by her.  Her eyes were so full of determination...so full of desire...  
SHE DID IT!  I was so proud, and she was glowing!  She had a dream in her heart that seemed impossible to her...and me...at times...but she didn't give up..
She kept swinging one bar at a time until she accomplished what she set out to do.  I am sure in the moment she felt like giving up...most likely wrestled with the voices in her head that screamed..."LET GO...THIS IS TOO HARD FOR YOU....GIVE UP!"  Sometimes the vision that comes from watching and learning from those who have gone before us allows us to draw strength from their stories.  Seeing Eloise empowered Emmiline with courage and knowledge that it could be done, and it could be done by her.

As I continue to learn on my own monkey bars and my fingers continually slip off the rungs I am so thankful for the Noahs...and their stories of faith.  God knew I would need such stories to spur me on.  Maybe someday my story will also offer hope and courage to the person standing behind me waiting for their turn on the bars...today, I am thanking God for all the men and women that have gone before me and for their perseverance...we are raising up little Noah's around here and I am still on the playground of learning myself. 

Sunday, September 25, 2011

a break from the heat

some days we just need a break from all the pressure.....a break from all the work and routines...we need rest from all the heated things of life that so often burn us out...
we need to find shade and rest....

Today, we are remembering and needing Sabbath.  We are breaking from the norm and observing the better... we are playing, laughing, reading, resting, slowing, obeying...and dancing while we enjoy the music to the tune of Sabbath rest.
A day to listen, and day to observe with restful eyes, a day to enjoy....kick our feet up....and enjoy the breeze...a day to teach little ones that we value play and each other.

We are celebrating and worshipping...learning and asking....crying and growing...we are baking and blessing the little ones in the house with Sabbath delights.
A day of get to's... and I am thankful for the much needed shade from the frantic heat.  My heart, soul, and mind need rest.  I wrestle with the stopping, but I know I need it, and I am thankful for a Daddy that would know my need so well that He not only encourages my rest....He commands it.  Sabbath....a gift I am learning to receive and cherish....

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Life is really good. Got to have a great date night with my bride last night. Enjoyed treasure hunting (going to garage sales) this morning. Spent time with some people who are very dear to us this afternoon. Got to worship with a body of believers tonight.

Unfortunately, I really feel like whining and complaining right now. Realized I can't call it lament because it's not true lament. It's more of a martyr, “woe is me,” whining attitude. As opposed to grieving, I'm wanting to simply complain.

Been battling my washing machine for the last hour and a half. Since I lost my job... well, it seems that everything's been falling apart. That's not a metaphor. I'm actually not talking about anything relationally or internally. Literally, we've been plagued with a lot of surprises in terms of random things that have decided to stop working. It's like they say, “Timing is everything.”

Wanting to change my attitude from, “Seriously?!? Now this! Why is this happening?” to, “I wonder what God's up to...” Wish it were that easy to change my attitude.

Just remembered a few of thoughts shared by a friend to me today. She was sharing the struggle of wanting to be sensitive, tender and compassionate to friends who are struggling. At the same time... when their struggles are really quite trite and insignificant, there's a desire to say, “Really? You're that upset over this? Are you serious?”

As the Spirit caused me to remember her comments, I'm embarrassed by my whining. Not guilting myself for being frustrated. Simply embarrassed that I'd let such minutia have such control over me.

Also reminded by this friend to simply remember truth. Not sure why I forget this so often. He is for me. He is with me. His Spirit is in me.
Seems the Israelites got some pretty severe punishments for complaining so much. I'd like to avoid that... especially the punishment by snakes.

Trying to choose gratitude, but complaining seems to come much more naturally. (I'm actually quite good at it.)

Friday, September 23, 2011

sometimes you just have to get your face down in it

Last night, after Pastor got his e-mail.  I felt drained....so thinking we would have a definite answer....so wanting a YES!  I am woman that likes details...are we moving?  Do we need to sell a house?  Will we be here to enjoy our fall garden or trick-or treating?  God continues to issue the call to be present and wait....grrrrr!  His ways are not mine...mostly thankful and sometimes irritated.

Last night God reminded me of some some truths He has been depositing in me.  It is a passage in Hebrews 10.  The verses remind us that in a little while He is coming and He will not delay.  The righteous shall live by FAITH...we are not to SHRINK BACK, we are to persevere.....I am called to be a woman that  DOES NOT SHRINK BACK.  I needed that last night.  I needed it even more this morning as I shared hard heart talks with my sister-in law.

This morning we finally got word from the doctors regarding my niece's surgery.  She has tumors in her brain and on her spine.  As we shared tears I felt the urgency to remember the scriptures....to remember the late night truth of Hebrews.  We do not shrink back.  We HOPE....we persevere....we cry, and we CRY OUT for miracles...because our God is a WAYMAKER....Jehovah Rapha is His name.  I love this God....and HE deeply loves His people.  So, today....I am reminded as we enter in to another time of change... He desires for me to look for FRUIT in all seasons.
He wants me to remember past provisions...and trust for future ones....Jehovah Jireh.
He calls me to be a woman of courage and tenderly invites me to plunge into the waters in order to grasp the fruit of each new season.

I don't want to shrink back so I pull my hair up.....take a breath....wildly abandon myself to my Maker, and I put my face right down in it.  It's cold.  It's unknown, it feels suffocating...but I DON'T WANT TO SHRINK BACK because of fear.  I press in deeper...I press in harder...I fight to HOPE expectantly...TRUSTING... KNOWING .... CERTAIN.... in my breathlessness.... that....
He who promises is FAITHFUL....all the time.  Swallowing hard as I type....eyes that want to pour heart out all over the place.  I am still very much me and alive and so I wrestle with fear....fear regarding our future and fear regarding my sweet, 5 year old, princess-niece, Elaina.  I will call and cry out to my Daddy that grows fruit and restores what the locusts have eaten.  He can be trusted.  I am not my own.  I have been bought with a price.  My story is His to tell, and yet He invites me to co-author with Him...dream alongside.  Today, I am remembering.  I am getting prepared for battle.  I will warrior for my niece....my family....not because it's of me....but because it's of HIM, and His fruit bearing seed is alive and growing in me.

My face is down in it today.....DEEP.....Truth....Hope....A perfect-loving Daddy...a heart full of passionate desire....The Spirit....miracles longed for....and PERSEVERANCE ....these are things that are budding on my fruit tree....with watermarks and tears all over my face.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

An Email Today

I know it might sound crazy, but this kind of waiting has been so exhausting. Seems strange I'm sure, but it is really draining. Hard to describe. Anyways, got an email today from my friends in Ohio. Before I get to that, I'm still wrestling with the question I keep asking God, “What are you up to in the midst of my waiting?” Mentioned a few thoughts in my blog yesterday.

Sensing that God's wanting me to accept whatever happens as His will. Sensing He has more in store for me in the process. Sensing He prefers to do things in a manner much different than I'd initially choose. Okay, “sensing,” is definitely an understatement for the last one.

Back to the email... well, the pastor who has conducted almost all of the interview (who Kel and I love already), has communicated that the Senior Pastor would like to meet with me again... face to face. All I know is that we'll meet somewhere between Knoxville and Dayton, Ohio.

So glad to have received an email. Not what I had expected. I assumed a definitive one way or the other. Extremely grateful that it was not an unfavorable definitive. The Senior Pastor has a several more questions. Part of me feels very encouraged that they want to continue the process with me. Another part of me questions myself, “Did I underwhelm him? Does he have some major concerns?” Either way, glad he's really making sure that the fit is right.

Still waiting. Grateful a few more logs were thrown on the flames of hope.  

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Waiting. No word from my friends in Ohio. Man, it's been hard to wait today. Monday wasn't too bad. Tuesday was very bearable, but for some reason today has been very hard. Alright, I'll be more honest. It's been excruciating.

This is what I looked at countless times today.

I've been known to have some obsessive compulsive issues with my email and my planner. We'll just say that I was constantly looking at the computer today... constantly checking email. It felt like old times. At one point I began to think that there must be some problem with my email account. I sent myself an email (just to make sure it was working properly). Gmail was working just fine. Big surprise.

Been asking God, “What are you saying to me? What am I supposed to learn through this waiting?” It's definitely revealing to a greater extent how much I'd like to have the opportunity to serve at this church. Is that all I'm supposed to learn?

I've also had the song, “While I'm Waiting,” stuck in my brain today. Basically the song speaks of waiting... even though it can be painful. It's not easy. Trying to remain hopeful. In the meantime, while we're waiting, we should worship and serve. Good words for me to hear.

Thinking a lot about perspective today. I read about a woman whose young daughter took a lot of pictures of household items from the mom's camera. When the mom looked at the pictures, it took her a minute to make sense of them. The objects in the pictures were not foreign to her, but the vantage point from which they were taken was so drastically different. Her daughter was a little over 3 feet tall. The daughter's angle was unfamiliar... even captivating.

Grateful for a different perspective on life, on employment, on family, on moving... My mind wonders to the desperately impoverished Christians living in the dump (literally) in Tijuana. Their hearts overflow with gratitude and joy. It's a different perspective. It's a different vantage point... much like the little girl with the camera had a different vantage point. Joy seems to come more easily from this vantage point. Seems I find myself envious of those people at times.

Learning from a new vantage point these days. Longing. Still grateful.

I'd still like to be done waiting though.  

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

savoring the now

As I type this I am sitting listening to the sounds of nature on my Dad's back porch.  The roofers next door were prayed into a lunch break by yours truly, and peace is everywhere.  The chimes are lightly sounding, and I am thankful for this unhurried moment.  We are in a season where our lives are full of constant change and more is certainly on it's way.  I close my eyes and I savor the now....for in a moment the now with be then.

I got lessons on savoring the sweetness of the moment this past Sabbath.  I took a cue from a woman I respect and made freshly-milled, whole wheat cinnamon rolls for the tiny people that live in my house.  I do not make them often so it was a real treat.  My kitchen was all abuzz with excitement.....thank you's and giggles were in excess.  I smiled and savored the joy I was imparting.
Children have the gift of excitement....they have no problem celebrating the moment....they fully engage in delight.
First bites of the sweet are often the best......but.....
the reminders of goodness that come with the following bites are....
worthy of savoring....and invite us to more!

The princesses enjoy theirs too.....smiling....mmmm'ing....it's a good momma moment....and I smile too.

  Lu makes sure I see her enjoying...licking her sticky, icing fingers...more savoring.
Shorty, forgetting anyone else is around just dives right in....peeling away and savoring the layers. She cares little about the evidence of delight all over her face.  It's a gift to be able to risk delighting in ways that others can't help but notice.
And, just when I think the time on the delight clock has run out...I peek over my shoulder to see my oldest princess still in the school of savoring.  She is at the sink "washing" her breakfast dish with her finger and tongue...enjoying every last remnant of the moment before.
Most of my minutes, days and hours are spent wondering what is coming and planning for that.  I forget to be blessed in the now.  I have a lot to learn about the art of savoring....moments fade so quickly...even now, the roofers have returned, and my silence has been replaced by the echoing of hammers hitting rooftops.  There will always be change...and so I must learn how how to savor in its midst.  

I speak from my heart when I say I do not know what tomorrow holds, and this has been known to shake me, but I don't want to miss the beauty of now because I am spending it calculating instead of savoring.  Right now, I am going to enjoy my view.

I am going to enjoy some semi-quiet freedom and the picture before me of my Pastor doing some savoring of his own.....
us...learning....experiencing....and SAVORING...together.....thankful!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Scared of the Dark

As some of you know my brother-in-law and I ran in the Warrior Dash last Saturday. You may not have any clue what that is. Well, it's a little like a giant playground spread out throughout a race... basically, it's a mud run with some large obstacles. So much fun. Felt like play.

Anyways, one obstacle was clearly the easiest obstacle on the course (there were 12 total). “Easiest” in terms of being the least physically demanding. Yet, this is the obstacle that I really considered not doing. I wasn't worried about it effecting my time. I didn't care about my time in the race.

The obstacle was called, “Blackout.” It consisted of a very large black tarp-like tent. Inside this tent were large, black flaps or sheets of tarp that hung down. The result was complete darkness... I mean complete darkness. No flicker. No tiny speck of light to aim toward at the other side. Could not see anything. At the same time there is a stampede of large, sweaty bodies trying to crawl through this tent with little regard to fellow competitors.

There was much more of a stampede when I entered the "Blackout."
Obviously, this is the exit

Something about being in the complete darkness started to freak me out. I mentally had to talk myself into it. It wasn't easy for me. I've thought about that some lately.

From the time I was a little kid throughout much of my adult life I used to have a recurring dream. I would be in the dark. I'd reach for the lightswitch, flip it, and... nothing happened. The lights would not turn on. Then terror would set in... as if I knew something bad was about to happen.

I've always had a strange fascination with flashlights. Hard to explain. It's a weird fetish, but I love flashlights. When I got my headlamp for backpacking, I thought I had purchased the greatest thing on the planet. There's obviously some connection between my strong affections towards flashlights and my dislike of complete darkness.

Let me interrupt this to say that I am not a person full of fear. When I hear a noise in the middle of the night, I usually put a pillow over my head. If it persists, the only weapon I have to check it out is a flashlight... no assault rifle under my bed... no tactical 12 gauge. Under my bed I used to have an old Louisville slugger bat I used when I played baseball in the first grade, but I'm not sure where I put that thing. Not worried about “bad guys.” Today when I came home and realized we had left two of our doors completely unlocked while we were gone... well, I didn't think anything of it. Still, seems I've had an aversion to the dark.

I think there is much correlation to struggles with “dark.” It's hard to know what to do, where to do when you're in complete darkness. Now I'm referring to the “dark” not so much as the absence of light, but I'm meaning the unknown, what cannot be seen or calculated, the unplanned, the scary... I think that is the real fear.  I think I've always carried a fear of that. I've always liked being able to plan things out. Feel like I've been blindly feeling around in some ways lately. Not positive, but think that fear might be losing some of its grip on me.  Will still keep a flashlight close by though.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hodge Podge

Why “Hodge Podge?” Well, I watched the Great Food Truck Road Race tonight with Kel. The team that won tonight calls themselves, “Hodge Podge.” Have a feeling that tonight's ramblings will be a hodge podge of random, unrelated thoughts.
Not sure how you're viewing this image, but if you're able... please zoom in on my brother-in-law's face.  It's so worth it.

First off, I had an absolute blast at the Warrior Dash yesterday. So much fun. As you look at this picture, if you're able to draw your eyes away from my brother-in-law's game face (he didn't know he was being photographed... he was that determined!)... anyways, if you can look away from his face, you can see we were covered in mud and muck. Even after the awkward rinse off with a few dozen strangers and a shower when I got home, I still found traces of the warrior dash crusted to my body.

In the same way this afternoon I found some ugly crust that I hadn't thought about in a long, long time. Healing came this afternoon. The “crust” was hard places in my heart toward someone I barely know any more. I became aware of how I had harbored dislike... and even frustration. Encouraged that I feel like that was somehow washed away today.

The other main thought on my mind tonight has to do with son, Elliott. Instead of calling him, “Little Buddy,” which makes sense since I'm, “Big Buddy,” he likes for us both to be, “Big Buddy.” It makes perfect sense in his mind. So, my big Buddy is my best bud. At the same time sometimes he relentless and unceasingly shoots his assault rifle at me... what I mean by that is his barage of questions never stops. Some of you might not believe that he can even talk, but believe me... he never stops talking. I love to read him books (b/c he loves books), but he's asking so many questions about each picture that I can't even make it through a sentence without at least a couple questions.

Even if I've given him an answer to a question he will continue to ask that same question... whether he likes the answer or not. He just enjoys talking. Below is a picture taken after he asks a questions I hear every morning, “Daddy, can I have a sip of your juice?”

When I go in to check on Elliott late at night, he often still blasts me with questions (when he should be sleeping). Last night when I went in there around 10pm he asked the following questions: “Daddy, are the lightning bugs out? Can I go see them? Are they changing colors? Why are they changing colors? Do they make noise? Where are they? Why? How? When can I see them?” I had just planned on making sure he was covered up... maybe kissing him on his sweet head while he slept. Somehow he hadn't emptied the question bank for the night.

That has me thinking a little tonight. The church position I've mentioned in the past... the one in Ohio that I've interviewed at... well, they had another candidate visit them this weekend. He left today. Feels rather strange... especially since I'd really like to be offered the position. As I think about that position and the future of my family, I have talked to God quite a bit. However, I really haven't asked many questions. I don't ask God that many questions at all. Sounds crazy since He is all-knowing after all... and He's good. Instead, as I've reflected on my conversations with Him, I've mostly just given polite commands. “Lord, please lead... provide direction,... speak,..” etc. Pretty insane that I haven't asked more questions.

Painfully curious about the Lord's plans for my family and I. Many questions tonight. Hoping for some closure on a few this week. Anticipating He'll reveal more crust and gunk on me and in me through the process.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

fold out couch

Last night Pastor and I slept in separate beds.  It was by choice.  He slept in the bonus room, and I slept in our bed.  Before your blood pressure rises we were not fighting, and I did not kick him out of our space.  He has been prepping for a special-man race and had to get up SUPER early.  I am a light sleeper so he sweetly volunteered to sleep on the couch so I could rest well.

Unfortunately, I didn't rest well.  It was a terrible night of non-sleeping.  There are a lot of reasons I feel I didn't sleep.  The main reason I believe has to do with the fact that Pastor and I had tough conversations before I hit the sack.....never a good idea....

refiners fire = little sleep

I won't waste your time on all the in-betweens...and I won't try to paint false pictures....truth is...I am impatient, cranky, prideful and irritable when it comes to the husband of my youth.  These last couple of years have been so intense for us.  We are closer than ever which makes my desire for good fruit stronger than ever.  I have moments, in my immaturity, where I would like to punish him or withdraw because I feel like he is slowing me down and not getting with "my program."  Last night, as I discussed truth with the Lord, He reminded me that we are ONE.  We are ONE.  I wouldn't just say to a body part of mine..."you are so annoying," "you keep getting in my way," "I think I will just try and do things without you."  No, I would nurture the struggling part until it was stronger, because I realize how much I need it to function.  God gave me Pastor because I need him to be all that He has created me to be.  He is a part of me and I am a part of him....for better or worse.

He is a warrior for me, and I must choose to celebrate our differences.

Marriage is hard.  It is.  I love it.  I wouldn't do my life any other way, but it is frustrating.  This whole dying to self and esteeming the other is really tricky, and I would say in general I normally get a failing grade...so thankful God's doesn't do report cards.  I think the main truth...the hard truth is that I don't like the filth it stirs up in me.
If I am being obedient to my Father, I step into the muck, I smell the stink, I work at the mess, and I seek help without hiding.  Obedience is hard....I want it.... but without cost....doesn't work that way.
I am not looking for a medal, but I am looking for a stamp on my heart and life that says I reflect my Papa and my Good Pastor.....very costly....

Today, I continue to talk to my Daddy about what HIS best is for me....how can I honor HIM most.  I don't want to keep tripping over myself, but I have some big, stinky feet.

At this moment I am enjoying some of the many good fruits my marriage has brought me....
cuddly children on a Saturday morning...no hurry...no rush...all cozied up on Pastor's pull out bed.  Remembering that blessings can come from fold-out couches, wrestling with mud...and Daughters that see their struggles and fight the urge to dash.